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If Home Is Where The Heart Is... - A poem by John McLeod

Staying Abroad

Posted: 3 July 2007.

Well... we're heading to the UK in a couple of days. We'll be meeting with my in-laws, namely my wife's mom and all her siblings, for Arif's graduation. I think it's time we break the news that we're considering staying on in Canada beyond my wife's study period here. I wrote a rather long article on why I think we should stay here, at least for the time being. Read it here...

Our First Broadcast

Posted: 20 June 2007.

Well we finally purchased a digital camera. We got the Kodak Easyshare 7.1MP C763 (with 2 x 1GB SD Memory Cards and Camera Bag) for around CAD$250. It also came with a 4 year warranty from Future Shop. I think that's a good deal. As you can see, it takes videos as well, in Quicktime .MOV format.

So far, I've only uploaded 2 videos on Youtube, and their also posted on our family blog. Check it out. I think I'll try posting some music as well, when I get the chance. And you can expect some cool pix and movies from our upcoming trip to the UK as well. I'm so looking forward to it.

Family Travels

Posted: 29 March 2007.

We have a few trips planned. I've never been really really interested in travelling. Sure, it's fun... But it's usually not something I'd plan. But nowadays, with a family, I find myself looking forward to these excursions. This year, we'll be going to the UK for my brother in-law's graduation. But really, it's just an excuse to go see the sites. My wife's sisters and mom will all be going, so it'll be a brief family reunion of sorts. I thought I'd set some goals on the travel front, and get myself excited about going, and maybe plan ahead on what we'll do while we're there. So here's our yearly vacation schedule:
  • 2007: United Kingdom
  • 2008: Malaysia
  • 2009: TBD
  • 2010: France
  • 2011: New Zealand
  • 2012: Ayu Graduates, we go somewhere
In the coming months, as the travel plans become a reality, I'll make them link into separate pages, with goals, itinerary and photos. Any suggestions for places to see?
University of Sheffield

Broadcast Yourself

I've recently become acquainted with the concept of YouTube Broadcasting. My friend Adi frequently posts videos of his new daughter on his blog, My Little Aida. My newly formed band, Gardenburst, also shares video clips on YouTube. I thought I'd do the same. My first goal is to put together a short video clip of my 2 kids and post it on YouTube for my family to see. My friend Shahrir from UBC was nice enough to loan me his Digital Camera, and I'll be using Windows Movie Maker to make the video clip. I'm about halfway through, and I'm really excited about how things are turning out. You'll be sure to see it on my blog for my kids, Kembara Melur and Arman this month!YouTube


This is my family

My Family

I have a small family unit of my own to care for. If home is where the heart, then geographically speaking, home is where ever my family is. I have dedicated this page to talk about things that are important to my family. My wife and I are also chronicling (if there's such a word) the lives and times of our kids on a separate blog, which we hope to share with family and friends from Malaysia and other parts of the world. Do post us your comments.

Family First!

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