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Star Performer with Starbucks

Posted: 16 October 2007

2 weeks ago (Wednesday, 3 October 2007), We had another quarterly staff meeting. I thought I'd be relingquishing my awards from last quarter. But lo and behold, I was awarded the Star Performer again for Q4. No MCVP Award this quarter though. What would've been the likelihood of consecutive Double Whammy's? Nada. Anyway, I was pretty happy with the win. And this time around, winners get a small prize in addition to the award that will sit on my desk for another 3 months. I drew a Starbucks mug. How excellent!

Check out the mug to the right! Thanks guys, again...

Double Whammy!

Posted: 5 July 2007

Yesterday (Wednesday, 4 July 2007), We had our monthly staff meeting, which was incidentally also our quarterly staff meeting as well (since it's the end of the quarter). We did the usual, review last quarters goals, and reset goals for the coming Q3. At the end of the meeting, we had the awards ceremony, but for the quarter this time, instead of for the month. As with previous months, we had 3 Star Performers, and 1 MCVP Award for The Employee who best depicts the company's core values.

As it turns out, I received an award for both. At the end of Q3, I received the Star Performer Award (again), plus the MCVP Award of Excellence (as pictured to the right). I was so surprised, and honored to be acknowledged by the company. It was the first Double Whammy in the company's award giving history. It felt really good.

Thank you, guys!

Showtime Tickets Star Performer

Posted: 1 May 2007

Last Thursday (26 April 2007), I was one of three people in my company awarded the 'Star Performer' award. I was so very surprised, and pleasantly so too. The company is rallying its troops to become a major contender in the market, and decided to introduce these awards as a way of recognizing high performers in the company. I was one of the first three to receive such an honor.

Anyway... the award is now sitting on my desk, as pictured on the right. The caveat is that I keep for only a month, and then a new 'Star Performer' will get crowned. In any case, I'm glad that it's on my desk this first month. It gives me something to strive for.

Software Development with Apache and Java / J2EE

Well, I've picked my poison, so to speak. I started of my career at Sapient Corporation using a variety of different technologies and platforms. But in my most recent employments (at Maestro Solutions and Showtime Tickets), I find myself using Java / J2EE more than anything else. And in this competitive market, you really need to start specializing, in order to get any respect from employers. But... you still have to be able to adapt to change. That's always hard. My focus for now is to become experts in Apache technologies, since it's used at my work place. I'll be focusing on:
Well, with me luck! I'm still considering taking the Sun Java Certification. Not sure how well it will improve my career. I'm also considering taking courses from the Vancouver Community College. I hear they have good courses at affordable prices. We'll see how that turns out.

Adapt to Changing Technologies

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