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Prayer Time in Vancouver

Posted: 18 April 2007.

Religion and Spirituality

Posted: 29 March 2007.

It's so much easier being a muslim in Malaysia than it is in Canada. People in Malaysia are understanding of Islam, and offer conveniences in practicing this religion. Indeed, many Malaysians (and most Malays), are muslim. Our Islamic celebrations have blended into our local culture, so much so that festivities like Eid and Maulid Rasul are celebrated nationally by all races. I have fond memories during these celebrations with family and friends. And going to the mosque Friday is never really a chore, but a break from working life. Not so much so here in Vancouver.

I recently read a book about parenting, that mentions the differences between spirituality and religion. A spiritual connection can exist inside or outside religion, and describes a deep connection between all living things, and that we are part of something bigger. One does not necessarily have to identify with God in order to be spiritual, but it helps. Religion on the other hand, especially organized religion, is a means for people to develop a connection with God, through prayer and rituals. I've always believed in God, but my connection to my religion has not been as strong as it can be. And since reading this book, I've discovered that Islam is a part of me, and I will need to develop this part of me further in order to effectively teach it to my children.

For starters, I've set a few small goals, some of which I've done in the past (but stopped doing), for myself:
  • Fast on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Pray Isya' with my wife every night
  • Attend Friday Prayers EVERY Friday
  • Read the Quran (with translation) at least one verse a month
The first 3 were fairly easy to do back in Malaysia. It will be a little harder to accomplish here in Vancouver, but I'll try. The fourth goal is a bonus goal, should I accomplish the first 3 well.

Pillars First!

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