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"Sing for the Moment" - A song by Eminem

CSSA Mid Autumn Festival

Saturday, 10 October 2007: A half-strong Gardenburst performed 2 songs tonight at CSSA's Mid Autumn Festival. Joy wasn't able to make it. And so it was just the four of us. We performed one original song written by Lionel. The second song is Tong Hua, which I sang and played guitar.

Tong Hua (Cover)

This is a clip of us performing Tong Hua. The lighting is a little dark (okay, it's very dark. The original MOV file is a little brighter), but the sound is okay - 2 guitars, 1 bass guitar and 1 keyboard. It was nice to get the crowd joining in mid way through the performance. Hopefully, we'll be able to perform more original songs in the future.

What (and Where) will we play next....? I wonder...

Seri Malaysia Club (SMC) Ice Breaker

Saturday, 22 September 2007: Gardenburst performed 5 songs at Seri Malaysia Club's Ice Breaker Event for the new year. We performed an acoustic set at the UBC SUB. Here's a list of songs we played:
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's (Cover)
  • Ku Juga Mencintai Mu / Qing Fei De Yi (Cover)
  • Tong Hua (Cover)
  • Ni Yao De Ai (Cover)
  • Video Killed the Radio Star (Cover)

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Cover)

This is a clip of us performing an acoustic version of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. As usual, Lionel is our front man, singing this one. I played purcussions. The sound set-up wasn't too great, and mid-way through this song, we lost Lionel's microphone. But in any case, I think this one is the best of the day (meaning the rest didn't sound that much better). We're looking forward to more Gigs with better sound systems.


Friday, 23 March 2007: Gardenburst performed a 45-minute set at Kamanawannalaya, which is like a BBQ for the engineering faculty held at the Cheeze Factory on UBC campus. I played drums all throughout, and among the songs we played:
  • Clocks (Cover)
  • Irreplaceable (Cover)
  • Video Killed the Radio Star (Cover)
  • Little Superhero Girl (Cover)
  • Irreplaceable (Cover)
  • Tears and Rain (Cover)
  • Run (Cover)
  • Sunday Morning (Cover)

Video Killed the Radio Star (Cover)

This is a clip of us performing 'Video Killed the Radio Star'. We were kinda playing background music for the BBQ, so it was a bit noisy! We didn't get the dedicated face time we'd get at our typical gigs. But it was fun nonetheless. I think this will be the last gig for while, since people have exams and stuff. I'm looking forward to more gigs to come!

CSSA Night

SATURDAY, 3 March 2007: Gardenburst performed 3 songs at the CSSA night held at the Asian Centre:
  • Gu Zhen Nan Mian (Cover)
  • Irreplaceable (Cover)
  • Chasing Cars (Cover)

Gu Zhen Nan Mian (Cover)

This is a clip of me singing 'Gu Zhen Nan Mian' with Huey. What fun! We also performed this song at the Malaysia Singapore Nite last month. For more video clips, check out Lionel's YouTube site. You can also visit our band's FaceBook site.

Festiva Night: International Week Finale

Friday, 2 March 2007: Gardenburst performed 1 song at Festiva, which is the grand finale for Festiva International Week held at UBC.

Clocks (Cover)

This is a clip of our performance. The sound system is REALLY good, and we had a lot of fun performing, eventhough it was only one song.

Yellow Pigeon - Flying Pilot

Here is the second album I produced. After college, I was able to afford better equipment and purchased an Akai 16-Track Digital Recorder. I produced these songs just for fun. I called myself "Yellow Pigeon" in this album. For some reason, I envisioned a yellow pigeon as a logo for my 'musical persona'. I called the album 'Flying Pilot' because it's my first real attempt at a decent sounding production, my first (pilot) album that was good (flying). Hence the name. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Album cover on the right. I host my mp3 for Free at
My Album

My First Album: From My Bedroom

I thought I'd share the first album I ever produced. I called it "From My Bedroom". This was back in college, somewhere between 1997 and 1999. I started recording on my Aiwa Hi-Fi system, dubbing between my 2 tape decks. This was monster old technology compared to today (2007). But it served its purpose. Later, a friend of mine (thanks Ernest) let me use his 4-Track Analog Recorder. So some of them turned out okay. Here they are for your listening pleasure.
Sorry, no album cover. I did the CD SOOOOO long ago, that I lost it. I host my mp3 for Free at

Goal #8 Accomplished: Enter Gärdenburst

SATURDAY, 3 February 2007: So we did it! I performed with a new group called 'Gärdenburst', and we rocked the joint at the Malaysia Singapore Nite. Here are some clips courtesy of 'Friends of the Band' posted on

More Than Words (Cover)

This is my favorite clip. I'm playing guitar and singing harmony here. I'm also playing drums for Gärdenburst. Check out more Video Clips at my YouTube site.

There's also a nice clip I put on my family blog. You can see my kids running around while I practiced with the band at Gage Residence Hall. Check out the Kembara Melur & Arman blog.

I think the band is gonna get together again and play more gigs. Stay tuned for more updates!

Malaysia Singapore Night 2007

So I decided to volunteer to perform at the Malaysia Singapore 2007 Night at UBC. As a result, a new band was formed, and I became part of it. The band is called 'GardenBurst'. What does that mean?!?! Anyway, I let the other guys decide on the name. I'm the only non-student in the band, and way too old.

I'm pretty psyched about the band. We're playing English music, Malay music, as well as Mandarin music. And I also get to delve in a few different instruments. And I love moving around. For this year's Malaysia Singapore Nite, I'll be performing on guitar as well as drums. I was suppose to do a song on piano, but I don't think I can pull it off with the vocals. Oh yeah... I'll be singing a couple of songs too. This is my warm up to my many musical goals for the year.

If you're interested in attending the event which is on 3 February 2007, DETAILS ARE HERE.

Just to recap my musical goals for the year:

6. Compose one new song.
7. Re-make an existing song, and make it my own.
8. Perform music in front of a live audience.

This is my chance to accomplish Goal #8

It's All About The Music!!!

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